Ep #04 Why Most Coaches And Practitioners Lose Time And Money On Holistic Certifications

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SCAP - DFY 4 | Holistic Certifications

Hello, I’m Ani Anderson, and along with my partner Brian Trzaskos, we’ve embarked on a journey that’s taken us from being deeply entrenched in the healthcare industry to pioneering our path in the field of somatic coaching. Our adventure together has been filled with learning, growth, and the occasional stumbling block, especially when it came to translating our vast array of holistic certifications into a thriving business. I want to share with you a revelation that has transformed our approach and might just be the key you need to unlock your own potential in the holistic health realm.

Many of us in the coaching and holistic practice fields have fallen into the trap of believing that accumulating more certifications is the golden ticket to business success. Brian and I were no exception. We thought that with each new certification, our business would automatically flourish, our client base would explode, and our impact would magnify. But, as we quickly learned, reality begged to differ.

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The Misconception of More Certifications Equals More Success

Reflecting on our early days, I remember how Brian and I, brimming with enthusiasm, dove headfirst into the world of holistic certifications. From Reiki to strength and conditioning, from craniosacral therapy to Tai Chi and Qi Gong—we amassed them with the belief that these certifications were the pillars upon which our business success would be built. It felt like we were on the right track, collecting these accolades as proof of our expertise and dedication.

However, a sobering reality check awaited us. Despite our growing list of certifications, our income and client base remained largely unaffected. The anticipated explosion of our business was nowhere in sight. It was a hard pill to swallow, realizing that these certifications, while valuable in their own right, didn’t automatically translate into the business growth we had envisioned.

SCAP - DFY 4 | Holistic Certifications

The Turning Point: From Accumulating Certifications to Valuing Business Skills

Our Journey into Entrepreneurship

The realization that something was amiss in our approach came gradually. Working within the confines of the Western medical system, both Brian and I hit a glass ceiling early in our careers. I recall the frustration of knowing that despite my advanced degrees and certifications, my salary and position remained static. It was a system that valued conformity over innovation, and it became clear that if we wanted to truly make an impact, we needed to forge our own path.

Embracing entrepreneurship was our leap of faith. Stepping away from the security of steady jobs, we ventured into the unknown, armed with our holistic expertise but lacking in one critical area: business acumen. This gap in our skill set became glaringly apparent as we navigated the challenges of building a practice from the ground up. It was during this period of trial and error that the importance of business skills in the holistic field became undeniable to us.

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The Gap in Holistic Certification Programs

Our journey into entrepreneurship was enlightening, to say the least. One of the most significant revelations was the realization that while our holistic certification programs had equipped us with extensive technical skills, they had left us woefully unprepared for the business side of running a holistic practice. This lack of business education within the holistic certification landscape was a gap we experienced firsthand, and it was a gap we were determined to fill.

Driven by our own struggles and the desire to support others in the holistic field, Brian and I founded the Somatic Coaching Academy. Our goal was to create a place where holistic practitioners could not only learn cutting-edge somatic coaching techniques but also acquire the essential business skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. It was a response to a need we felt deeply—a need for a holistic certification program that addressed both the technical and business aspects of running a successful practice.

This transition from accumulating certifications to valuing and integrating business skills into our practice marked a turning point in our careers. It’s a journey that’s taught us the importance of looking beyond the allure of certifications and recognizing the critical role that business acumen plays in turning a passion for holistic health into a viable, thriving practice.

SCAP - DFY 4 | Holistic Certifications
Holistic Certifications: It’s our mission to get somatic coaching out there in the world, and we can’t do it if we don’t help you succeed and get clients to be able to do this work.

The Core of Somatic Coaching Academy: Integrating Somatic Practices with Business Acumen

Why Somatic Practices Matter in Business

In the heart of the Somatic Coaching Academy’s curriculum lies the integration of somatic practices with business acumen. For Brian and me, somatic practices aren’t just about personal wellness; they’re a cornerstone for business success. These practices, which emphasize the connection between body and mind, have been instrumental in transforming our approach to business. They have taught us the importance of listening to our intuition, recognizing the physical manifestations of stress and decision-making, and using these insights to guide our business strategies.

One personal anecdote that comes to mind is how much we used to give away money, in large part because we weren’t accounting for it. I remember sitting down to look at what we “actually” spent and getting viscerally sick to my stomach!  I couldn’t do it! Though working somatically I was able to not only calm my nervous system down and regulate myself but become a person who can look at the books and the reality of our numbers. I can also have difficult conversations about money. I couldn’t do this before. That is major growth.

Building a Business That Reflects Your Values

Aligning our business practices with our personal and ethical values has always been a priority for us. At the Somatic Coaching Academy, we emphasize the importance of building a business that not only succeeds financially but also contributes positively to the community and adheres to high ethical standards. We guide our students through the process of creating equitable and successful businesses by encouraging them to listen deeply to their own values and to consider the impact of their work on their clients and the wider world.

This approach ensures that our students are not just building businesses; they’re creating legacies that reflect their deepest convictions and aspirations. It’s about more than profit—it’s about making a difference in the lives of those they serve, fostering a sense of community, and contributing to the global shift towards more holistic and human-centric business practices.

Overcoming the Stigma Attached to “Business”

Changing the Narrative Around Business in the Holistic Community

For many in the holistic community, the word “business” carries negative connotations, often associated with greed, exploitation, and a departure from core healing values. Brian and I have worked diligently to change this narrative within our Academy. We believe it’s possible to redefine success in holistic practices through ethical business models that prioritize integrity, transparency, and mutual benefit.

We address common negative associations by reframing the concept of business as a medium for spreading healing and positivity. It’s about shifting the perspective from “business” as a necessary evil to “business” as an extension of one’s practice and values. By doing so, we empower our students to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit without compromising their principles.

The Real Impact of Valuing Yourself and Your Services

One of the most profound lessons we’ve learned and taught is the importance of self-value in establishing a thriving practice. It’s a challenge many holistic practitioners face—recognizing their worth beyond the certifications hanging on their wall. We encourage our students to see their services not just as transactions but as valuable contributions to their clients’ well-being.

Valuing oneself and one’s services is pivotal. It goes beyond setting appropriate prices; it’s about understanding the profound impact our work has on individuals and communities. We teach our students that by valuing their services appropriately, they not only ensure the sustainability of their practice but also affirm the significance of their work in the broader context of healing and personal growth.

In overcoming the stigma attached to “business,” we’re not just building successful practitioners; we’re cultivating a community of holistic entrepreneurs who are confident in the value of their work and committed to making a meaningful impact. This, in essence, is the real transformation we strive for at the Somatic Coaching Academy.

SCAP - DFY 4 | Holistic Certifications

Making Holistic Certifications Work For You

Navigating the landscape of holistic certifications can be like navigating a dense forest. You gather various tools and skills, each promising to be the key to unlocking your potential. But without a map or a guide, it’s easy to feel lost, unsure of how to turn these tools into the success you envisage for your practice. Brian and I have been through this forest, and we found our way out not just with a collection of tools, but with a strategy and a clear path forward.

The Key to Turning Certifications into Income

From our experience, the crux of transforming certifications into a thriving business lies in the strategic integration of skill acquisition with business development. It’s about understanding not just the ‘what’ of your certifications but the ‘how’ of applying them in a business context. For instance, learning Reiki or Tai Chi is one thing; knowing how to market these skills, set your pricing, and communicate your value to potential clients is another.

  • Strategies for Business Growth: We learned early on that each certification could open doors if we knew which doors to knock on. It’s about identifying your niche, understanding your audience, and tailoring your services to meet their needs. More than once, we found ourselves reevaluating our approach, asking, “How does this certification serve my business? How does it serve my clients?” This reflection was crucial in aligning our offerings with market demand.
  • Marrying Skills with Business Development: The journey from certification to income is about more than just accumulation of skills; it’s about developing a business mindset. It involves learning to think like an entrepreneur, from marketing and sales to financial planning and customer service. This shift in mindset was pivotal for us, transforming how we viewed our certifications and their potential to contribute to our business.

The Somatic Coaching Academy Difference

What sets the Somatic Coaching Academy apart is our dual focus on somatic practices and business acumen. We’ve designed our certification programs to bridge the gap we once faced, combining in-depth somatic training with comprehensive business development tools.

  • Integration of Somatic Practices and Business Skills: Our programs are structured to ensure that our students not only master the art of somatic coaching but also the science of building a successful practice. We incorporate lessons on marketing, sales, and client retention, all through the lens of somatic principles. This approach ensures that our students are not just great practitioners but savvy business owners.
  • Supporting Our Community: Beyond the curriculum, we foster a supportive community where students can share insights, challenges, and successes. From monthly office hours with me to business development trainings, we provide an ecosystem where our students can thrive, both personally and professionally.
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Our journey from accumulating certifications to realizing the importance of business skills has been both challenging and rewarding. It taught us that while certifications are valuable, they are only part of the equation. The real transformation, both for ourselves and our clients, came when we learned to integrate these skills with solid business strategies.

If you’re on a similar path, feeling overwhelmed by certifications yet underwhelmed by business growth, we invite you to explore a new approach with the Somatic Coaching Academy. Discover how you can transform your holistic certifications into a thriving business that not only brings you fulfillment but also makes a lasting impact on the lives of others.
Join our community and take the first step towards a more successful and satisfying practice. Explore our certification programs and access our extensive library of free resources designed specifically for holistic practitioners. Together, let’s redefine what success looks like in the holistic health field.

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