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SCAP 9 | Somatic Training

Somatic training has always been a field close to my heart, one that I’ve found both profoundly impactful in my personal and professional life. It’s a realm where the intricacies of human experience—mind, body, and spirit—intertwine, offering a holistic approach to healing and growth. Throughout my journey, from my initial encounters with somatic practices to co-founding the Somatic Coaching Academy with Brian, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of this work. It’s not just about physical well-being; it’s about tapping into the body’s innate wisdom to foster deep, lasting change.

Our discussions with individuals drawn to somatics often reveal a common theme: a passionate desire to employ these practices to make a real difference in people’s lives. Yet, many are unaware of the distinct paths within somatic training, each offering unique opportunities and outcomes. This realization led us to identify what we now refer to as the “three lanes of somatic training”: 

  • Hands-On Somatic Training, 
  • Somatic Therapeutics, and 
  • Somatic Coaching

Each lane serves a different purpose and caters to varying aspirations, from direct physical engagement to facilitating emotional and psychological growth.

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Understanding Somatic Training

The Appeal of Somatic Work

The allure of somatic practices lies in their ability to address the individual as a whole. Unlike traditional approaches that may focus solely on the mind or body, somatics embraces the complex interplay between our physical form and our emotions, thoughts, and spiritual state. This holistic view resonates deeply with me and with many others who seek a more integrated form of healing and self-improvement.

My own journey into somatic work began with a personal revelation. Experiencing the profound effects of somatic practices on my own well-being illuminated the path I wanted to take professionally. It wasn’t just about the physical relief; it was the emotional and spiritual awakening that accompanied it. This personal transformation fueled my desire to delve deeper into somatic studies, eventually guiding me towards sharing these powerful tools with others.

The Three Lanes of Somatic Training Explained

Hands-On Somatic Training

What is Hands-On Somatic Training?

This lane is characterized by direct physical engagement with clients through various modalities such as massage therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, and others. It’s a tangible way of facilitating healing by working directly with the body’s tissues and energy systems. 

The Value and Importance

From my perspective, the value of hands-on work cannot be overstated. It’s an essential component of the somatic field, offering immediate, tangible ways to support individuals in their healing journey. The physical touch involved in these practices can open doors to deeper emotional and psychological healing, laying the groundwork for profound transformations.

SCAP 9 | Somatic Training

Knowing If It’s Your Lane

Choosing this path requires introspection. If you’re drawn to the tactile, tangible aspects of healing, if you find deep satisfaction in the immediate physical connection and the direct impact you can have on someone’s well-being, this might be your calling. However, it’s crucial to recognize that this lane, while rewarding, also has its boundaries, particularly regarding the scope of practice* and the physical demands it places on the practitioner. *In order to put hands on on a client in many states you will need to be a licensed professional. Please check local regulations. 

Somatic Therapeutics

Defining Somatic Therapeutics

Somatic therapeutics focuses on healing from a more clinical perspective. It encompasses practices aimed at addressing specific health issues or conditions, and has a healing focus.

The Healing Focus

The core of this lane is healing—working closely with individuals to navigate and alleviate their physical and emotional ailments. My experiences have shown me the power of therapeutic approaches to unlock profound healing, particularly when addressing deep-seated trauma or chronic conditions.

Regulations and Education

Pursuing a career in somatic therapeutics often involves navigating a complex landscape of regulatory requirements and extensive educational pathways. It’s a commitment to deep, specialized learning, with the goal of obtaining the necessary credentials to practice within a therapeutic context. *Therapeutic work in many states falls under state regulation with the state office of the professions. Please check local regulations.

SCAP 9 | Somatic Training

Somatic Coaching

Introduction to Somatic Coaching

Somatic coaching diverges from the other lanes by focusing on personal growth, goal achievement, and expansive life changes beyond mere physical or emotional healing. It’s about guiding individuals to unlock their potential and enact significant life transformations.

The Power of Coaching

The impact of somatic coaching extends far beyond the session itself. It empowers individuals to take active steps towards their goals, fostering a sense of agency and self-efficacy. Witnessing clients achieve breakthroughs and reach heights they never thought possible is one of the most rewarding aspects of this work.

Business and Beyond

Somatic coaching also opens up expansive possibilities in the business realm. It not only allows for greater financial growth and independence. somatic coaches tend to demand or could or can demand greater rates. We have students who are doing engagements from $100 to a few thousand dollars, $4,000 programs, and $10,000 programs. We have people who are closing multiple six-figure organizational deals. You have somatic coaching as a part of it. The trajectory of the amount of your ROI or your return on investment for how much you’re going to make back can tend to be even larger in the coaching lane.

Coaching also offers a flexible framework for integrating somatic practices into a variety of settings, from private coaching to corporate wellness programs. This lane encourages a broader application of somatic principles, extending its benefits to a wider audience, especially since coaching is an unregulated profession.

Through these three lanes, somatic training offers diverse paths to fulfilling different aspects of our calling as practitioners. Whether it’s through the direct touch of hands-on work, the healing focus of therapeutics, or the transformative power of coaching, each path holds the potential to profoundly impact lives, including our own.

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Transitioning Between Lanes: My Journey

My journey into the world of somatics was both an evolution and a revolution—evolving from the tactile, hands-on work into the more expansive realm of somatic coaching, while revolutionizing my own understanding of healing and growth. Brian and I, like many of you, began our careers deeply immersed in the first lane of somatic training. My days were filled with the direct, palpable impact of hands-on techniques, from massage therapy to craniosacral therapy. This work was rewarding, providing immediate, visible shifts in those I worked with.

However, as our experiences and skills grew, so did our realization of the limitations and potential wear on our own bodies. We recognized a ceiling in how much we could physically do and the toll it was taking. This realization was the catalyst for our transition into somatic coaching. The shift wasn’t just about preserving our physical well-being; it was about amplifying our impact. Somatic coaching opened up new avenues for facilitating deeper, more lasting changes in our clients’ lives, beyond the immediate relief provided by hands-on techniques.

The transition wasn’t without its challenges. Moving from a predominantly physical modality to one that integrates the cognitive and emotional aspects of healing required not just new skills, but a new mindset. Yet, the benefits have been profound. Somatic coaching has allowed us to engage with clients on a deeper level, guiding them towards self-awareness and sustained transformation. It’s a testament to the power of expanding one’s skills across different lanes.

Making Your Choice: Which Lane Fits You?

Choosing the right lane in somatic training is a deeply personal decision, influenced by your passions, career aspirations, and the type of impact you wish to have. When I faced this choice, I considered several factors, reflecting deeply on the kind of work that truly fulfilled me and the lifestyle I envisioned.

Here are some questions that guided my decision and might help you in yours:

  • What kind of connection do I seek with my clients? Is it the immediate, physical connection of hands-on work, or the deeper, transformative relationship developed through coaching?
  • What are my long-term career goals? How does each lane align with where I see myself in the future?
  • What impact do I want to have? Is it about providing relief and healing on a physical level, or empowering clients towards broader personal growth and development?

For me, the answer lies in the ability to guide clients not just toward healing but toward realizing their fullest potential. This realization steered me towards somatic coaching. Your answers may lead you down a different path, and that’s okay. The beauty of somatic training lies in its diversity and the unique journey each practitioner embarks on.

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Choosing your lane in somatic training is more than a career decision; it’s a commitment to the type of impact you want to make in the world. Whether it’s the hands-on healing of bodywork, the deep healing focus of somatic therapeutics, or the expansive growth potential of somatic coaching, each path offers unique opportunities to touch lives.

Reflect on where your passion lies, consider the lifestyle you envision, and think about the legacy you want to leave. Remember, the choice you make will shape not just your career but the lives of those you touch.
If you feel drawn to the transformative power of somatic coaching, or if you’re still exploring which lane resonates with you, I invite you to connect with us. Learn more about the programs offered at the Somatic Coaching Academy and how they can align with your aspirations. Let’s embark on this journey together, towards greater impact and fulfillment.

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