Somatics: The truth behind the buzz

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Blog, Reflections from Founders

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“Somatic” is a buzzword… but what does it mean??

It’s funny because somatic is not a new word, you probably know that. Many of us have been doing somatic “stuff” since before it was popular. But it’s a great question… “what does somatic mean?” because people are starting to gain a mainstream awareness of the world of somatics and there is a lot of different (potentially confusing) information out there. 

Just to get us on the same page… when someone is talking about “somatic” they are talking about the body.

👉Our society has a mindset that the body/mind split is a “thing”… so we need to QUALIFY modalities and professions as somatic when they include the body. This is because ever since the body-mind split problem in the 17th century we’ve been taught and completely absorbed and indoctrinated into the belief that “I think therefore I am” – or said another way – the intellect is superior. Even if we aren’t aware that we’re doing it… it’s the air that we breathe to come from a mindset of “I think therefore I am.”

Because of the body/mind split problem we need to quality when we’re working with the body. Instead of just calling it therapy we call it somatic therapy. Instead of calling it coaching, we call it somatic coaching. Instead of just calling it healing we call it somatic healing. 

And it’s a damn good thing we do! Because unless you go to see a somatic therapist, somatic coach, or somatic healer… you can’t assume that your practitioner will know about, be able to work with, or can even consider the wisdom (physical, emotional, and spiritual) contained in the body. 

Why am I telling you this???

Because here at the Somatic Coaching Academy we teach our students that…

… the body-mind split never happened.

Nope. It was an illusion. Never. Happened. 

Here at the SCA (Somatic Coaching Academy), we don’t outright talk about it either. Instead… we go around offering up our somatic coaching practices, tools, and skills… changing lives and doing great work… having a great time doing it… and eventually, people will FEEL the difference and SEE the changes for themselves and say “WOW! What WAS that. How did you DO that!” or better yet “How did I do that!” and we smile and know it’s not just skills and techniques… it’s because of a whole different perspective. A massive perspective shift. THAT is what created such great results. 

At the Somatic Coaching Academy, we don’t just put the body and mind back together… we come from a perspective that the body-mind split never happened. 



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Somatics, energy medicine… these are all super practical ways of working with people that JUST MAKE SENSE… when you know that the body-mind split was an illusion. 

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