Resources for Modern day Somatic Healing

Our somatic healing methods are created by holistic professionals for anyone to use. Read more in the Somatic Coaching Academy Blog.

Whether it’s solving the mental health crisis, reducing people’s dependency on prescription or over-the-counter medication, increasing the efficacy of diversity, equity, and inclusion programming, or fixing the engagement crisis in the corporate world – somatic coaching holds the key.

Since ancient times, somatic healing work has been the sought-after cure of all kinds of ailments of the body and mind. Gaining recent popularity in therapeutic work, bodymind solutions such as massage, yoga, and mindfulness have become an astounding mainstream presence. Yet many somatic healing modalities are still relegated to the healing and wellness space- or reserved only for therapeutic professionals.

Healing can be seen as a dangerous word in the coaching space. Since coaches aren’t supposed to talk about the past nor address therapeutically based strategies, the “H” word will be one your clients long to talk about but as a coach you might find yourself avoiding the topic altogether. It’s our hope that with this blog and other resources you will find here at the Somatic Coaching Academy you’ll realize the root of health (in any area of life) comes from our ability to perceive physical, mental, and emotional wholenss. That wholeness IS the healing we crave. The fact that we aren’t talking about it or are scared of it is the reason so many of societies solutions in health, business, and relationships fail… or leave us less than totally fulfilled. 

The coaching methods brought at the Somatic Coaching Academy were created by holistic professionals for everyone to use. Many people wish they could employ therapeutic solutions like EMDR and somatic experiencing with their clients, however these holistic healing strategies are reserved only for therapeuticaly licensed professionals. Our somatic coaching strategies have roots in ancient somatic healing but can be used by anyone in the form of somatic coaching skills.

In the Somatic Coaching Academy blog you’ll explore healing strategies regularly used by therapeutic professionals and how they compare and contrast with somatic coaching. We will address current news stories and trends and look at how somatic work can uncover core solutions to everyday problems. Read success stories from people using somatic coaching methods in all sectors and niches to get great ideas about how you can bring these powerful techniques into mainstream markets.

Trauma-Informed Practice and Its Four Levels

Trauma-Informed Practice and Its Four Levels

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4 Somatic Coaching Questions

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