Certification Programs

Learn the art of somatic experiencing techniques at Somatic Coaching Academy – where coaches and holistic practitioners become the sought-after change experts who get more clients, receive better rates, and differentiate themselves in the market by providing the most transformational client results.

Get the transformational client results of methods like somatic experiencing and EMDR without being a therapist.

We hear from our students time and again that the somatic coaching techniques we teach get better results than years of therapy and similar outcomes to therapeutic modalities like somatic experiencing and EMDR. Why? Because in our holistic model we shed light on an advanced understanding of how the subconscious mind works (hint: the subconscious mind doesn’t function in the past or future- only in the present.)

Methods like somatic experiencing help people regulate and balance their nervous systems. In the past, coaches didn’t think it very important to focus on nervous system regulation or coach on stress and anxiety. Now we understand that reactivity, distractibility, indecision, procrastination, and other traditional “coaching” focuses have everything to do with our nervous system. In fact, our nervous system is at the base of ALL of our behavior.

Where techniques like somatic experiencing bring the nervous system in balance so that a person feels calm and centered, our somatic coaching techniques also help a person balance their nervous system. Not just so they do not feel stressed or anxious any more… but so they can meet their goals and function at their highest potential.

Imagine expertly navigating any situation that gets thrown your way…

Imagine always being able to create a breakthrough for others no matter how resistant they are.

Consider that being able to overcome people’s resistance to change makes you more valuable in the marketplace… whether you work for yourself or someone else.

We know you’re not going to go back to school to become a therapist or spend years studying methods like somatic experiencing… but you would still love to experience the transformational results.

Now you can!

(Yes…it’s the “Easy Button” for people problems.)

Leverage somatic experiencing to get the best results for your people…every single time.

Are you:

  • Unqualified to handle some of the emotional issues people bring to you?
  • Working with clients who are stuck in “maintenance mode” or make excuses for why they haven’t progressed?
  • Using too much of your own energy (or hands) to during session?
  • Settling for helping people feel better rather than truly changing their lives
  • Longing to understand universal mysteries and deeper work than you are able to currently provide?
  • Feeling like you are “missing a piece” that will pull all of your knowledge and expertise together?

Would you like to be the kind of person who:

  • Gets miracle-like results with every client
  • Knows exactly how to navigate difficult emotions or objections to growth with compassion.
  • Is doing work that consistently provides empathy-driven breakthroughs and sustainable behavioral change.
  • Understands the holistic, energetic arts and can bring them into your work in unassuming ways.

If you’ve been looking for the deepest, most profoundly transformational experience you can give your clients in the simplest form, our certification programs are for you.

Core Centering Practitioner Certification


Be the go-to stress reduction expert. Most stress reduction programs are “top-down,” leading with stress psychology and brain science. The Core Centering program leads with a “bottom-up” approach to quickly short circuit stress where it lives, in the body, which makes top down methods far more successful. After becoming Core Centering certified, our graduates go on to lead individuals and groups in successful stress reduction programs in private practices, in-person, virtually, in classes, workshops and in corporations.

Cross Mapping Method Practitioner Certification


The Cross Mapping Method is a sensation reframing tool that can be used to eliminate chronic physical pain, emotional stress, anxiety, and other forms of emotional suffering. Rehabilitation therapists use the Cross Mapping Method to eliminate physical pain. Coaches, therapists, leaders, and managers use the Cross Mapping Method to motivate people who resist change toward greater levels of authentic productivity and success.

Sensation Based Motivation Coach Certification


SBMC is a groundbreaking, trauma-sensitive, and research-supported somatic approach that integrates mindfulness, energy medicine, neuroscience, natural law, and bioenergetics, to train coaches and holistic practitioners in becoming the most influential and motivating health and wellness leaders. SBMC graduates become masters of navigating resistance to change and are making impacts in health care, wellness, education, entrepreneurship, finance, and prison reform.