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Certification Programs

Core Centering Certification Enrollment Link

Learn the cutting-edge, trauma-informed somatic “power tools” for stress reduction and high performance. Turn-key business solutions for coaches, holistic practitioners, and experts.

Cross Mapping Certification Enrollment Link

Learn to re-wire the nervous system. Eliminate your client’s chronic pain and negativity. Powerfully affect the body without ever lifting a finger. Embody the Natural Laws of the Universe.

Sensation Based Motivation Certification Enrollment Link

When mastery is what you seek… Put the body, mind, and spirit back together with this complete somatic-based coaching methodology. (Pre-requisite: Cross Mapping Method.)

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Mastery Bundle for all 3 Certifications


Become a Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Coach when you take all 3 of our signature certification programs. You will be a sought-after change agent who has the body, mind, spirit “power tools” to help even the most resistant clients get transformative results.


  • Unlocking Human Potential, on-demand program
  • The Simple Guide to the Natural Laws, on-demand program
  • Core Centering Certification
  • Cross Mapping Certification
  • Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching Certification

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On-Demand Programs

Unlocking Human Potential On Demand Program Link

Unlocking Human Potential

Unlock the secrets of the bodymind and become a trauma-aware practitioner. In this masterclass we will challenge common misconceptions seen in both the coaching and therapeutic worlds, teach you how the subconscious mind really works and how patterns of behavior are formed. (For: Coaches, Bodyworkers, Consultants, Managers, and anyone else who works with people)
A Simple Guide to Natural Laws On Demand Program Link

 Simple Guide to the Natural Laws

When you know the Natural Laws of the Universe you can create anything. Use them accurately and your dreams will consistently and easily manifest. In this course, we will break down the easiest way to understand and begin to leverage the Natural Laws so that you can learn the success principles that make achieving health, wealth, and relationships a reality.

1:1 Coaching Session Scheduling Link

1:1 Coaching Session

Schedule a call with one of our certified somatic coaches. In this 1-hour session, you can explore anything you would like to get coached on and try out our methodology for yourself. It’s time for a breakthrough! We can quickly help you identify what patterns are lurking beneath your awareness so you can decode and demystify problems and pain points and transform them into possibilities and potential.

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Sneak Peek… Graduates Courses

(Students must be graduates of our Sensation-Based Motivation Coach training program to enroll)

Coaching the Bioenergetic Archetypes

Learn the 5 primary personality archetypes and understand clients better than they understand themselves!

Using the Motivation Matrix

Align your conscious and subconscious motivators to create fast action.

Vitality Business Coaching Program

Grow your 6-figure business using with ease using your soul’s purpose so you never have to feel like a sleazy marketer.

Coaching the 5 Element Archetypes

Use the ancient wisdom of the 5 Element theory to understand your clients and your own natural tendencies and cycles.

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