Briana is a certified Sensation Based Motivation Coach with a passion for spirituality, health and wellness, and almost all outdoor water activities. She is a graduate of Radford University where she studied and Outdoor Recreation, learned and trained teams for high ropes course facilitation and found her love of team building. She has worked with small families, college groups of over 500, and corporate teams hosted by several of the worlds most premier resorts. Briana’s love of the outdoors led her to manage outfitters at 5-star hotels, leading excursions in some of the worlds most beautiful locations on and off the water. She is an avid Stand-up paddle boarder, certified as a PaddleFit coach, and Stand-up paddle Yoga instructor. Her love of yoga began in her high school years and after almost 15 years of practice, she began her journey to become a Yoga Teacher. Major illness and injury led her to Sensation Based Mindset. Within 2 years of studying the practice and working with her coach, Briana realized her purpose was to help bring Sensation Based Mindset to the world. She spends most days with her dog Matdi and planning her next adventure!


Phone: (609) 744-7627

Location: New Jersey