Somatics has always been at the core of Ani and Brian’s professional expertise, but that’s not what makes them a dynamic duo. Ani and Brian are life and business partners and the “yin” to the other’s “yang.” They share stories from their professional lives as well as their personal lives to better explain and illustrate the power of somatic techniques. 

After more than a decade working independently, Ani and Brian combined forces. Together they have over 86,000 hours of client experience, more than 20 certifications and half a century working helping people learn to develop self and professional mastery. After leaving the Western Medical system and creating their own private pay holistic rehabilitation practices, they went on to create two wellness centers and two international training centers together. Their expert knowledge of physiology combined with multiple certifications in energy medicine, eastern movement practices like tai chi and qigong, meditation, mindfulness and manual therapies combined with coaching methodology ultimately led to the formation of The Somatic Coaching Academy. Through the lens of coaching, Brian and Ani have developed a comprehensive curriculum for learning somatic modalities that anyone can learn. You don’t need to be a psychologist to deeply help people transform their lives and heal long held problems, both physical and emotional.  The trauma-sensitive coaching solutions taught at the Somatic Coaching Academy will outperform conventional western coaching and therapeutic practices.  Episodes of this show are packed with useful information and lessons on precisely this topic.