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“I want to get a taste of what this is all about so I can figure out if it’s right for me.”

“I want to demo a session so I can feel what somatic coaching is like for myself.”

“I’m really into high-performance success principals and the Natural Laws of the Universe sound really cool.”

“I’m looking for trauma-informed body tools I can use with clients in sessions, classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats. I want to be able to destress my clients and help them get present quickly .”

“I want to learn how to re-wire the nervous system and eliminate chronic pain and negative emotions. I want to be able to effectivly affect the body without using my hands.”

“I’m already a yoga or qigong practitioner and don’t want to have to take things I’ve already taken but I do want to grow a thriving business doing work that I love.

I’m ready to actually start making money so I can impact a lot of people with my work.”

“I want to know ALL the things! I want to be a trauma-sensitive somatic coach.”

“Can I talk to someone to help me map out my journey?”

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