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Somatic Coaching Academy Podcast

The Somatic Coaching Academy Podcast is out!

Join us as we talk about how trauma-sensitive coaching solutions taught at the Somatic Coaching Academy will outperform conventional western coaching and therapeutic practices. Podcast live now on leading platforms like Apple, Audible, iHeart, PlayerFM, YouTube.

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Somatic Coaching Academy Events

Join us for an event at the Somatic Coaching Academy and get to know us while we get to know you. Whether an info session, webinar, class or training… there are a lot of ways to get to know us. Your choice!

Trauma Sensitive Somatic Coach badhe

Learn Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Coaching Skills

Become a Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Coach when you take all 3 of our signature certification programs. You will be a sought-after change agent who has the body, mind, spirit “power tools” to help even the most resistant clients get transformative results.

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Unlocking Human Potential

Unlock the secrets of the bodymind and become a trauma-aware practitioner. In this masterclass, we will challenge common misconceptions seen in both the coaching and therapeutic worlds, and teach you how the subconscious mind really works and how patterns of behavior are formed. (For: Coaches, Bodyworkers, Consultants, Managers, and anyone else who works with people)

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Where coaches and holistic practitioners become the sought-after change agents who get more clients, demand better rates, and differentiate themselves in the market by providing the most transformational client results.

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