Ep #21 – Finding Your Purpose- Unveiling the Magic and Simplicity Within

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Welcome to a journey that could very well change the way you perceive your life, your actions, and your inherent value. Today, we’re delving into a topic that resonates deeply with me and many others at the Somatic Coaching Academy: Finding Your Purpose. This isn’t just about career choices or hobbies; it’s about uncovering the core of who you are and why you’re here.

I’m Ani Anderson, and alongside my colleague Brian Trzaskos, we will explore the multifaceted concept of purpose, particularly how it intertwines with somatic coaching which we passionately advocate for at the Academy. Our discussion isn’t just theoretical; it’s grounded in real-life applications and transformative insights that have shaped the lives of countless individuals, including our own.

In this blog, we’ll unpack the essence of finding your purpose, integrating the holistic triad of body, mind, and spirit, and why understanding this can lead to profound internal motivation and peace. Whether you’re a seasoned seeker of purpose or just starting to ponder what makes you truly tick, this exploration is designed to offer valuable perspectives and actionable insights.

Join us as we navigate the layers of purpose, sharing personal anecdotes, student transformations, and the foundational principles that guide our approach at the Somatic Coaching Academy. Your journey to discovering and living your purpose starts here, and we’re thrilled to be part of it.

The Concept of Purpose in Somatic Coaching

Understanding Purpose in a Holistic Sense

At the Somatic Coaching Academy, we perceive purpose not just as a guiding star for our actions but as a holistic essence that permeates every aspect of our being. It’s not confined to what we do; rather, it’s deeply intertwined with who we are at our core. This understanding of purpose transcends the conventional, often materialistic interpretations, elevating it to a realm where body, mind, and spirit converge.

In our framework, purpose is the invisible thread that weaves together our thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and spiritual insights. It’s what gives meaning to our experiences and shapes our perception of the world around us. When we talk about finding your purpose, we’re inviting you to delve into a profound exploration of your entire being, to uncover the essence that uniquely defines you.

Spiritual Fulfillment through Purpose

The quest for purpose is, at its heart, a quest for spiritual fulfillment. It’s about finding that inner resonance that fills you with a sense of completeness and contentment, irrespective of external circumstances. In the Somatic Coaching Academy, we view purpose as a spiritual anchor, providing stability and clarity amidst the chaos of daily life.

Achieving spiritual fulfillment through purpose means aligning your actions, thoughts, and emotions with the core values and truths that define your essence. It’s about living in a way that reflects your deepest beliefs and aspirations, creating a life that feels authentically yours. When you find and live your purpose, you experience a profound sense of alignment, where every aspect of your existence feels interconnected and meaningful.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore how this holistic and spiritual view of purpose integrates with the principles of somatic coaching, offering a path to not just discover your purpose but to embody it in every facet of your life.

Integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit

The Unity of Body, Mind, and Spirit

In the realm of somatic coaching, the integration of body, mind, and spirit isn’t just an ideal—it’s a fundamental principle that informs every aspect of our practice. This holistic approach recognizes that our physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual insights are not isolated elements but interconnected facets of our entire being.

The unity of body, mind, and spirit means that each dimension influences and is influenced by the others. For instance, a change in your physical state can have profound effects on your emotional well-being, just as a shift in your spiritual perspective can manifest as changes in your physical body or mental state. By embracing this interconnectedness, somatic coaching empowers individuals to explore and understand their purpose in a more comprehensive and nuanced way.

Transcending Compartmentalization

Traditionally, many coaching and therapeutic practices have treated the body, mind, and spirit as separate entities, often focusing on one while neglecting the others. However, at the Somatic Coaching Academy, we challenge this compartmentalization, advocating for a more integrated approach.

Transcending these traditional divisions allows us to address the individual as a whole, recognizing that true healing, growth, and self-discovery arise from considering all aspects of a person’s being. This approach not only enriches the coaching experience but also enables individuals to discover and align with their purpose in a way that encompasses their entire existence.

By integrating body, mind, and spirit, we provide a pathway for individuals to achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. This holistic perspective is crucial for anyone seeking to live a purpose-driven life, as it ensures that every facet of their being is engaged and aligned with their core essence.

In the next sections, we’ll delve into how this integrated approach to coaching can illuminate the journey of finding one’s purpose, providing practical tools and insights to live a life that is truly aligned with one’s deepest values and aspirations.

The Journey of Finding One’s Purpose

My Personal Path to Purpose

My journey to understanding and embracing my purpose was transformative, not just for me but also for the development of the Soul’s Agenda process, a cornerstone of our curriculum at the Somatic Coaching Academy. This journey wasn’t linear; it involved deep introspection, confronting personal challenges, and ultimately, a profound realization of what it means to live with purpose.

The Soul’s Agenda process emerged from a combination of personal experience and professional expertise. It’s designed to help individuals navigate their own paths to purpose, recognizing that this journey is as unique as the individual undertaking it. My experience underscored the importance of purpose as a guiding force, one that offers clarity and direction amidst life’s complexities.

Purpose as a Source of Motivation and Peace

Discovering and embracing your purpose is a deeply empowering experience. It serves as a powerful motivator, propelling you forward with a sense of clarity and conviction. But perhaps more importantly, living in alignment with your purpose brings a profound sense of peace.

This peace arises from the internal alignment of your actions, thoughts, and values. When what you do resonates deeply with who you are, you experience a harmonious existence, where your actions are not just intentional but also deeply fulfilling. This alignment is the essence of living purposefully, where every moment and every decision echoes the core of your being.

The Law of Purpose from a Natural Law Perspective

Purpose in the Natural Law Framework

In our work at the Academy, we often discuss purpose through the lens of natural laws, universal principles that govern our existence. From this perspective, purpose isn’t just a personal aspiration; it’s an intrinsic aspect of the natural order.

Every entity in the universe, from the smallest particle to the largest celestial body, serves a specific function or purpose. Humans, too, are part of this grand design. Understanding your purpose within this framework is about recognizing your place in the broader context of the universe, a realization that lends a profound sense of belonging and significance.

The Interplay of Being, Doing, and Having

Our exploration of purpose is deeply intertwined with the concepts of being, doing, and having. These elements are interconnected, each influencing the others in a dynamic cycle. Your state of being influences your actions (doing), which in turn affects what you attract into your life (having).

This interplay is pivotal in understanding how purpose manifests in our lives. When you align your being with your true purpose, your actions naturally follow suit, leading to outcomes that reflect your deepest values and aspirations. This alignment is the essence of living purposefully, where your being, doing, and having are in harmony, each reinforcing the other in a virtuous cycle.

Purpose Beyond Activities: A Being State

Redefining Purpose Beyond Actions

A prevalent misconception is that our purpose is solely defined by what we do — our professions, hobbies, or roles. However, at the Somatic Coaching Academy, we advocate for a broader, more profound understanding. Purpose is not just about activities or accomplishments; it’s about our very essence, our being.

This perspective invites you to explore purpose beyond the confines of daily tasks and achievements. It’s about who you are at your core, independent of external actions or validations. Recognizing purpose as a state of being offers a liberating and expansive view of life, where every moment holds the potential to express and experience your true self.

Living Purpose in Every Aspect of Life

When you embrace purpose as a being state, it permeates every aspect of your existence. It’s not confined to specific activities or milestones but is present in your thoughts, emotions, relationships, and even in moments of stillness.

Living your purpose in this holistic manner transforms mundane activities into expressions of your inner self. It means that every interaction, every thought, and every emotion is infused with the essence of your purpose, creating a life that is consistently aligned with your deepest values and truths.

The Practicality of Purpose: Making Decisions Aligned with Purpose

Purpose-Driven Decision Making

Understanding your purpose offers a compass for navigating life’s myriad choices and challenges. When you are clear about your purpose, decision-making becomes more focused and intentional. You’re able to discern which paths align with your core being and which ones diverge, guiding your journey in a direction that resonates with your true self.

This doesn’t imply that every decision will be straightforward. However, a purpose-driven approach provides a criterion for evaluating options, prioritizing those that resonate with your deeper objectives and values. It’s about aligning your choices with the fundamental essence of who you are and who you aspire to be.

Aligning Choices with Purpose

We encourage our students and readers to consider their purpose in every decision, no matter how small it may seem. This alignment ensures that your life’s trajectory reflects your innermost being, fostering a sense of authenticity and fulfillment.

Aligning your choices with your purpose also means being mindful of how your decisions impact your overall well-being and sense of self. It’s about creating a life that not only looks good on the outside but feels deeply satisfying and meaningful on the inside, ensuring that each step you take is imbued with your unique essence and direction.

Insights from Student Transformations

Witnessing Profound Changes

In my journey at the Somatic Coaching Academy, one of the most rewarding experiences has been witnessing the transformative impact of purpose discovery on our students. Seeing individuals uncover their purpose is like watching a flower bloom — a process of unfolding beauty and potential that is unique to each person.

Students often arrive seeking clarity — they’re looking for something more, something deeper that resonates with their true self. Through the process of discovering their purpose, they experience profound shifts in their perspectives, their choices, and their overall approach to life.

The ‘Missing Piece’ Phenomenon

Many students describe finding their purpose as discovering the ‘missing piece’ of their puzzle. This realization is not just an intellectual acknowledgment but a deep, visceral understanding that changes how they view themselves and their place in the world.

Purpose becomes a lens through which they see their past, present, and future, providing a newfound sense of coherence and meaning to their life’s narrative. It’s as if all the disparate parts of their existence suddenly converge into a harmonious whole.

Beyond Individual Transformation

The ripple effects of this transformation extend beyond the individual. Students report enhanced relationships, improved career satisfaction, and a more profound sense of contribution to their communities. They become agents of change, inspired to help others on their purpose-finding journeys.

Embodying their purpose, these individuals demonstrate how understanding and living in alignment with one’s true self can lead to a more fulfilled and impactful existence. Their stories are testaments to the power of purpose in creating a life that’s not only successful on the outside but deeply satisfying on the inside.

Insights on Living Your Purpose

Tips for Finding Your Purpose

Finding your purpose can seem like an overwhelming task, but it is a deeply rewarding journey. Here are some practical tips derived from our discussions in the podcast:

  • Reflect on Your Joy: Think about moments in your life when you felt most alive and fulfilled. What were you doing? Often, your purpose is tied closely to your joy.
  • Identify Your Values: Understanding what you value most can guide you towards your purpose. If you value helping others, perhaps your purpose is linked to service.
  • Experiment and Explore: Sometimes, the best way to find your purpose is to try new things. Engage in different activities and notice what ignites your passion.
  • Listen to Feedback: Often, others can see aspects of ourselves that we overlook. Listen to compliments—what others admire about you can be a sign of your purpose.
  • Connect with Your Inner Self: Practices like meditation or journaling can help you attune to your inner desires and insights, guiding you toward your purpose.

The Continuous Journey of Purposeful Living

Living your purpose is not a one-time achievement but a continuous journey. It involves constant alignment of your actions with your core essence. Remember, your purpose may evolve as you grow and change, and that’s perfectly natural. Embracing this ongoing journey allows you to live a life that’s consistently fulfilling and true to who you are.


Embrace Your Purpose

I encourage you to see the journey of discovering and living your purpose not as a destination but as a path of ongoing growth and fulfillment. Each step, each discovery, and each action taken in alignment with your purpose adds depth and meaning to your life.

For those who feel inspired to delve deeper into the journey of purpose discovery and want to integrate the body, mind, and spirit in a cohesive approach to living, the Somatic Coaching Academy offers resources, courses, and a community to support you on this path.

We invite you to explore what we offer and consider joining us on this transformative journey. Your purpose is waiting to be discovered and lived, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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