Somatic Coaching Academy

Somatic Coaching Academy

Our goal at the Somatic Coaching Academy is to teach you the somatic coaching skills that will provide life-changing results for your clients (and yourself!) Especially good for helping people who experience resistance to change, somatic coaching is the cutting-edge solution to our current mental health crisis.

How We Are Different

You might be wondering how we are different? The answer is simple. The Somatic Coaching Academy was founded by “body people.” Most coach training programs were created by “head people” (like psychologists and coaches.) Our founders are trained rehabilitation specialists (physical and occupational therapists) who have years of training in the holistic arts (bodywork, mindfulness, myofascial release, meditation, manual therapy, tai chi, qigong, and more!) This combination of body-focused primary education makes us uniquely qualified to teach you the body-centered philosophy somatic coaching offers.

Other somatic coach training is either founded on psychotherapeutics or spiritual philosophy. Our certification programs have an infusion of intellectually based, spiritually based, emotionally based, and body based theories to bring you methods used to take into your client’s complete human intelligence.

Who Gets Certified With Us

Our company trains mastery level coaches and therapeutic professionals in the cutting-edge bodymind skills and trauma-sensitive somatic coaching techniques that are required in today’s fragile culture. Our students are role models for new paradigm thinking and help their clients tap into their innate sense of confidence and motivation naturally. We tend to attract students who are experienced in working with the body either through fitness, nutrition, wellness coaching, bodyworking, or therapeutic rehabilitation. Even our corporate executive students have a background in athletics, dance, or some kind of holistic methods that are a cornerstone for who they are and how they approach the world.

Is Somatic Coaching Right for You?

We would love to talk to you personally about whether studying at the Somatic Coaching Academy is right for you. You may have questions about whether these training programs will help advance your career and marketability or wonder if you are ready to undertake the personal transformation our programs provide. You may have personal circumstances that you are concerned will detract from your ability to be fully present with the programming. Or maybe you want to make sure that you will get your return on investment. Any questions are welcome! Contact us today to set up a time to speak with a program advisor.

I’m Ready! Where Do I Start?

The best way to start at the Somatic Coaching Academy is either in our Outsmart Resistance to Change class or in our Core Centering program. Which one? If you are ready to hop into learning body skills, want to learn how to rapidly center anxious or stressed clients or want to really feel like a mental wellness expert – start with our Core Centering practitioner certification program. If you want to increase your client enrollment and retention with trauma-informed methodology while learning how to help resistant clients overcome their resistance to change- start with our Outsmart Resistance to Change program.

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