Burnout Prevention

Ep #11 How To Improve The Vagus Nerve Function With Somatic Practices, Tools, And Skills

The vagus nerve is responsible for the regulation of our internal organ functions and one of the body’s most important parasympathetic nervous system pathways. As such, improving the vagus nerve function opens a path for improving our capacity to be empathetic and resilient people even during stressful times.. Today, Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos discuss the Polyvagal Theory and improving the vagus nerve function with somatic practices, tools, and skills. Brian explains both the benefit and tools of toning the vagus nerve to create higher heart rate variability and its connection to identifying the skills that make you a better coach. Tune in to this episode with Ani and Brian to deep dive into improving your vagus nerve function.

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Ep #07 From Emotional Dysregulation To Regulation With Somatic Coaching

We live in a world that seems to be getting more chaotic by the day; when we add emotional dysregulation, we are in for an even more intense and heightened state. How do we bring ourselves down to that calm and centered space? Even more important, how do we know that we are already experiencing emotional dysregulation? In today’s episode, Ani Anderson and Brian Trzaskos answer these questions and more. They take us deep into the world of emotional dysregulation and how using somatic coaching can help. From its debilitating effects down to how it relates to our nervous system, Ani and Brian bring insights that will have you uncover the blocks that keep you from living the life you want. Tune in and find out the benefits of somatic coaching to overcome emotional dysregulation.

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