Bodymind mastery starts with somatic coaching

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We Teach You Bodymind Mastery

Tapping into your complete intelligence and having a winning mindset is less about what’s going on “between your two ears” and more about what’s going on in your WHOLE mind – your bodymind. Your bodymind is home to your intellect, your emotions, heart, and gut. All those things that we tap into to help us make decisions and live a life that’s full of potential.

No matter where you want to go, your bodymind can get you there.

Whether you are working on creating a business you love, improving your health, or your relationships, mastery of your bodymind provides the map to get you where you want to go. You don’t have to struggle or create unnecessary tension in your life, your bodymind knows the way to help you get the things you desire most in life.

Want to get started? Start here.

Success is a way of life when you understand how your bodymind works within the natural laws of the universe. If you’re interested in somatic coaching but you’re not ready to jump right into a certification program, the on-demand courses are for you.

Our on-demand course and downloads provide you with a breadth of topic areas to choose from. In each, you’ll find the backbone of the course is about using your bodymind to access your complete intelligence and live to your fullest potential.

On Demand Video Courses

The Simple Guide to the Natural Laws of the Universe


The Natural Laws of the Universe are the template for the creative process and the more accurately we use them, the more consistently and easily our dreams manifest. In this course, we will break down the easiest way to understand and begin to leverage the Natural Laws so that you can learn the success principles that make achieving health, wealth and relationships a reality.

Your NEW Money Story


Coming soon! Write a NEW money story and begin to claim the freedom and impact you desire. This course is a practical program for holistic minded professionals who want to help the world become a better place and profit along the way.

Free Bodymind Resources

Looking for somewhere easy to start? Check out these free resources from the Somatic Coaching Academy and get a kickstart on your bodymind education. When you’re ready, get started with an on-demand course, a live event, or hop right into one of our certification programs!

4 Somatic Coaching Questions

Want to know how to quickly tap into to someone’s complete intelligence with somatic coaching? Download our free guide today and find out the 4 Somatic Coaching questions you can ask anyone to improve their motivation and results!

Free Your Time

Want to find time for a self-care routine but it feels like life gets in the way of your plans? We get it! Take your life back with this free resource. Download our free Ebook today and get started!