Shannon Bessette PT, CST, SBMC is a physical therapist who worked in the traditional medical system for 20 years, implementing CST the best way she could in those confines.  She left the traditional medical system 4 years ago during the pandemic, hoping to treat people more holistically.  Her journey started with the search for more knowledge of how to help people heal the mind and body. She thought maybe counseling?  On her winding path she ended up taking a Tai chi class that led her to finding the Somatic Coaching Academy.  She was already looking for a way out of her staff position at a local hospital, but just didn’t know how. She was scared- really scared.  Eventually, she found herself in the SBMC class when a dream confirmed – yes – this is the next step. In SBMC, she began to not only learn how to help others, but also get in touch with her own fears and to not only work with them..but also be with them.  Now she in private practice, treating patients the way she feels the system needs to be treating people, and offering the wisdom she has gleaned from her time with the SCA, and her life journey. Shannon can be found spending time with her family, skiing, and walks in nature.  


Certifications & credentials
  • Physical Therapist
  • Certified Craniosacral Therapy
  • Cross Mapping Method Practitioner
  • Sensation Based Motivation coach
  • Certified in specialized evaluation and treatment of TMJ
  • Cross mapping assistant instructor

Shannon’s Soul’s Agenda is to feel Adventure and Freedom and connect with others to feel the same.