Program Administrator

Lynn Bonner is your go-to Business Productivity Coach and future author of the groundbreaking “The L.E.A.D Keys.” Lynn’s magic lies in turning your biggest dreams as a small business owner—be it bliss, wealth, or freedom—into reality. With her unique blend of business savvy and trauma-sensitive coaching, she’s the ally every small business owner and senior executive needs. Whether it’s about boosting business profitability, strategic planning, or finding joy, Lynn’s got you covered. Get ready to transform your work and life with Lynn’s simple, sustainable systems for tangible happiness, less business stress, and a life by design that you won’t have to compromise on.


Certifications & credentials
  • Executive Leadership Coach
  • Enterprise Business Coach
  • Somatic Coach
    • Core Centering Practitioner
    • Cross Mapping Practitioner
    • Sensation-Based Motivation Coach

Lynn’s Soul’s Agenda is to experience bliss every day and help others do the same.