With 20 years of experience in government and entrepreneurial enterprises, Amber has extensive expertise in management and leadership development.

Amber’s passion is to bring joy and balance back to life through somatic coaching, mentoring, and teaching leaders to master self-leadership, reduce stress, and effectively approach situations for more effective and lasting outcomes. Amber also brings more than a decade’s experience in athletic and mindset coaching, working with recreational to elite athletes to achieve peak performance.

A graduate of Villanova University, the University of Montana, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and the Somatic Coaching Academy. She is the Owner and CEO of Amber Blake Consulting; an avid runner and cyclist; a mom to two lovely and energetic humans, and a believer in humankind.


Certifications & credentials
  • Certified Professional Coach iPEC
  • Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner
  • Core Centering Practitioner
  • Cross Mapping Practitioner
  • Sensation-Based Motivation Coach

Amber’s Soul’s Agenda is to be alive.