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Cutting-Edge Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Coaching Skills

Where coaches and holistic practitioners become the sought-after change agents who get more clients, demand better rates, and differentiate themselves in the market by providing the most transformational, high integrity client results.

Mastery Is What You Seek


More than your job title or professional credentials, what really matters to you is the impact you’re making.

Are you reaching people as deeply as you desire? Are you providing complete and lasting transformation?

The Somatic Coaching Academy trains mastery level coaches and therapeutic professionals in the cutting-edge bodymind skills and trauma-sensitive somatic coaching techniques that are required in today’s unpredictable and often fragile culture. Our students are role models for new paradigm thinking and help their clients tap into their innate sense of confidence and motivation naturally. 

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Our somatic coaching certification programs are where coaches and holistic practitioners become the sought-after change experts who get more clients, receive better rates, and differentiate themselves in the market by providing the most transformational, high integrity client results.

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Student Praise…

“My life was run by low-level anxiety, second-guessing myself, making myself small compared to others, and trying to ensure everyone else was doing well. This all leads to being pissed off a lot. I read so many good ideas, thoughts, and theories but I could not figure out how to practically apply them to me or they seemed to be missing something… I KNEW the answers were there. I KNEW that it had something to do with Me.. SBMC has given me the tools in a structured and immediately applicable way to access my core confidence and truth. It has changed EVERYTHING in every square inch of my life. This one simple thing solved all of my seemingly separate and complicated problems.”

Kate LaValley

Physical Therapist, Insight Moves PT

“What I appreciate most about SBMC is this model is client-driven and client-centered. Traditional case management directs clients through the established process that’s usually a “one size fits all” approach. However, coaching guides clients in making their own choices, determining their own values, and charting their own course that will lead them toward a divine purpose. The Cross Mapping Method expands awareness with respect to our commonalities rather than our differences.”

Heather Newcomb

Case Manager, VT Works for Women

“My clients are often in fight or flight or in their blind spots. They feel they have no power and don’t know what to do. This isn’t true anymore when they utilize the Cross Mapping Method. I use Cross Mapping as one of my very first “go-to” tools with my clients. It’s a dual empowerment tool. It is a process that I do with my clients and also teach them to do it for themselves. Its biggest impact is that it directly shows the ease of choice and it is very effective.”

Janice Grodsky

SBMC Coach, Janice Grodsky Coaching

“I would like to begin by saying that Ani and Brian are two of the most incredibly genuine people I have ever met, and I am so grateful for them! Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart for these two and the impact they have in my life. They lead with love and understanding in their teachings and are brilliant in what they have developed in the past over 30 years to create the SBMC program. This program has completely transformed my life!”

Kasia Brzeszcz

SBMC Graduate, Fitness Instructor, Kasia Fitness

There really aren’t words to adequately express the impact this program has on my life. I almost don’t recognize myself. And because of all of these amazing tools the Somatic Coaching Academy has created, the growth and change continue. Thank you with all of my heart for the gift you are to me and the world.”

Anne-Marie Wilk

SBMC Coach

“This is the course you’ve been looking for. Here is where you learn tools to change your and your client’s lives. The Somatic Coaching Academy will guide you through just how to bring Centering to your clients using storytelling, the neuroscience behind it all, and practical application.

Briana Leigh

SBMC Coach

Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Coaching Skills

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